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Free BAI2 Statement Format For Dynamics GP

Stop wasting time on your bank reconciliations! Start using the Electronic Reconcile Module and you can automate them.

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Features & Benefits

Reconciliations are easier

Save time on your bank reconciliations by importing your bank statements.

Automate your reconciliations

Make your day easier with automatic transaction matching.

Simplify your reconciliations

The Electronic Reconcile Module will automatically update reconciliation transactions and adjustments, so there's no risk of data entry mishaps.

Work completely in Dynamics GP

Work solely in Dynamics GP even when you need to check out your old statements.

How Electronic Reconciliations Can Help You?

Imagine a world where your bank reconciliation lasts less than 10 minutes. Where you can automate statement imports, from your bank to Dynamics GP. And when you need to, you can even match dozens of transactions in one go. A world where the majority of your work is done for you and you can spend more time on the things that matter. Download one of our Statement Formats for Dynamics GP and imagine no more.

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Sihua Prior

PACE Gallery

Prospr were both very responsive and responsible. I am very pleased with the zero-stress experience with them. Thank you, Prospr!

Des Rogers


Prospr were very helpful and quickly helped me to setup SEPA payments for our companies in the UK. They dealt with my queries efficiently and were a pleasure to work with.

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