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Free Income Statement For Dynamics GP

Real-time data from Dynamics GP at your fingertips, with Excel Refreshable Reports.

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Features & Benefits

Use standard Excel formatting

View your companies data in beautifully formatted Excel documents. Complete with pivot tables, graphs, and charts.

Live data straight into Excel

Access your Dynamics GP data in real-time and produce the reports you need to make critical business decisions.

No additional user licenses needed

Unlimited access to your Dynamics GP Excel Refreshable Reports with no extra licenses needed.

Share reports within your company

Publish reports to SharePoint, or a shared drive, and give your team access to the data they need in Dynamics GP.

Why Excel Refreshable Reports Can Help You?

If your Finance team is like most, you probably rely on Excel heavily. Exporting, manipulating and creating reports all of the time. Only to find out someone just posted a transaction, and having to do it all over again. With Excel Refreshable Reports for Dynamics GP, you can create beautiful charts with real-time data from Dynamics GP.... Start making informed decisions.

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Sihua Prior

PACE Gallery

Prospr were both very responsive and responsible. I am very pleased with the zero-stress experience with them. Thank you, Prospr!

Des Rogers


Prospr were very helpful and quickly helped me to setup SEPA payments for our companies in the UK. They dealt with my queries efficiently and were a pleasure to work with.

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