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Free SQL Scripts For Dynamics GP

Download these SQL Scripts for Dynamics GP. Direct from the masters of the GP community.

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The Best Dynamics GP SQL Scripts For You

We have scoured the web, gathered scripts from our partners and the GP Community to bring you some of the most useful SQL scripts for Dynamics GP.

(Credit to Mahmoud Alsaadi, David Musgrave and Mark Polino for the scripts)

Company Scripts

Send all posting docs to screen

Give all SQL objects DYNGRP access

Purchasing Scripts

Find payables transactions missing apply

Find duplicate payables transactions

Find POP purchase order duplicates

Find POP receipt duplicates

Financial Scripts

Find duplicate GL transactions

Inventory Scripts

Assign all items to all currencies

Duplicate a price level

Find duplicate inventory transactions

Mass assign all items to vendors

Sales Scripts

Auto age receivables

Clean your sales data

Find invoice duplicates

Find receivables duplicates

Find SOP duplicates

Reconcile SOP batches

Sales document housekeeping routines

System Scripts

Copy shortcuts between users

Release stuck batches without logging users out

Reset your system password

Run a script against all GP companies

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